New energies, same values

Lento’s Estates represent a continuously evolving reality, but our values always remain the same: the proper respect for time, the human ties, the love for the autochthonous environment and the attention for the tradition.

The Lento Family has bonded its name to the wine and the history of the Doc Lamezia, by dedicating itself to the vineyard-keeping and wine-making activities with passion and commitment renewed for more than four generation, in order to maintain alive its traditional values by keeping strictly in mind international market needs and the opportunities offered by modern technologies.

With the aim of carrying forward the past generations’ hard work, in 1963 Salvatore Lento makes his entrance in the company by deeply increasing and qualifying the productive activity.

In the 90s He decides to consolidate his company productive base thanks to the acquisition of another Estate/one more Estate, added to the first two ones, historical heritage of the Lento’s Family.

Today, by sharing the values of the deepest and soundest culture of the land, we are all committed in sustaining the ancient brand that carries on our name.